Monday, July 5, 2010

The Stepsister from Hell

Thank you for your previous orders with ExoticTales. Our much anticipated feature length movie has just been released. You are going to love it!

The Stepsister from Hell

The Stepsister from Hell - This movie is one our best. It includes all the things you learned to love from our movies including: Female domination, Forced Feminization, Over the knee spanking, Mixed wrestling, Strap on, Girl on Girl, Bondage, S&M, White Panties Up skirt...And so much more.

About this movie... Kade and Marie are stepbrother and stepsister living life in an affluent suburb. Marie has to put up with her stepbrother’s domineering attitude and constant voyeurism. Their mother re-marries and the two adult children find themselves with yet another stepsister, Crissy, who’s from the wrong side of the tracks. Immediately their quiet household is thrust into chaos because Crissy won’t follow their self enforced pecking order. Marie, trying to exert her own dominance, finds herself over the knee of her younger stepsister. She is humiliated as the 18-year-old Crissy hikes up her skirt, pulls down her panties and spanks her bare ass. The perverted Kade lets it go on long enough for his own satisfaction. With the help of Marie he overpowers Crissy and sets himself up as the young master.

Crissy is bent on revenge and pretends to play nice with her new family. She wins the trust of Marie and the two girls plot to take charge of their perverted, domineering stepbrother Kade. They sneak back in the house and catch him trying on Crissy’s panties. The two girls overpower Kade. Marie, after years of being dominated, lashes out with a vengeance and insists on dressing the now beaten and humiliated Kade up as a girl. Crissy plays along on the condition that Marie has to help tie up Kade in the end. Jumping at the chance to get back at her abusive brother, Marie agrees. The girls have their revenge treating the previously domineering Kade as a dress up doll and a whipping boy. Just when it all starts to seem to good to be true, Marie begins to realize that maybe her sweet stepsister isn’t exactly who she says she is. Could she really be The Stepsister from Hell?

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Monday, August 10, 2009

The dilemma of a vanilla girl.

And another post.

Re: Can someone explain the forced feminization fetish to me.

First I want to thank everyone for responding to my email. At least I guess
that my boyfriend isn't that strange if there are so many other people into
this. And so what, he's a nice guy, even if it is wierd it's not that wierd.

I dressed him up in a yellow baby doll nighty that I wore when I was a teenager
(actually I never wore it much) He seemed very scared as I put him in it. He
even said "please, don't" as I started. Which was strange because he said he
wanted me to do it. I guess that's why its forced feminization, because he
wants to pretend he doesn't want it.

Right before we started to make love he asked if i was going to put make up on
him. We're going to bed. Even real woman take off thier make up when they go
to bed.

Anyway it was fun. He fell to sleep afterwards and i sat there and watched him
his little yellow nighty. At least we past this obsticle in the relationship.


The dilemma of a vanilla girl.

This was posted to our Yahoo group so I thought I would share it with the blog readers too.

I'm a 25 year old woman and my boyfriend is 22. I'm 5'9'' and about 160 and I'm
in good shape. I always new my boyfriend was a little on the submissive side
and he is always on the bottom when we have sex. When he tries to get ontop he
loses his erection. Its okay by me bacause I like the top. I noticed that when
I held his hands above his head he comes immediately. I always thought a man
should be the stronger one in the relationship but now i'm realizing that it
doesn't have to be that way.

Now he's talking about forced feminization and he mentioned that yahoo groups is
a place a could find out about it. So here I am. I'm stronger than him and
that's okay with me. But I'm not sure about him dressing up as a girl.

Is there anyone who can help me out with this?


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quality Femdom Erotica

Exotic Tales
Quality Femdom Erotica

Exotic Tales offers the best femdom erotica on the internet, in the world and under the sun. We feature full length, Hollywood style movies about young sexy women dominating, degrading and feminizing the men in their lives. Every one of our movies is produced from an original script that tells an erotic story about female domination. If you’re looking for only whipping, spanking, face sitting, beat downs and forced feminization you can go to thousands of sites on the internet, but here, at Exotic Tales, you can all of these things wrapped into an erotic story. If you’re looking for more then just whips, leather and latex then this is the site for you.

We have high school girls beating a college boy into submission, force feminizing him into sissy slut and then teasing and tormenting his cock till he is about to explode. We have a boarding school where the head mistress turns a rambunctious boy into a well a behaved girl by spanking him into submission. Watch a black maid get sexually abused by the young pampered couple she works for, only to turn the tables on them. She beats both the husband and wife into submission and before you know it she is the lady of the house and her former bosses are turned into a sissy maid and a pain slut. A stepmother finds the need to discipline her spoiled stepchildren by beating, whipping and humiliating them. Her relentless spankings, brain washing and dildo torture convinces a teenage slacker that he is better off living his life as frilly little sissy. A young bride and her maid of honor dominate the groom the day before the wedding. The poor helpless man is
forced into the wedding dress and made to walk down the aisle against his will. An executive for a large lingerie company loves to spank and humiliate his female employees, but the roles are reversed when he is visiting his number one female client. The client abuses him and his secretary and then allows his secretary to use him like the bitch that he really is.

You will find so much original and unique content at Exotic Tales that it will blow you away. Our founders, Arguilo & Floyd, have made a pledge to upgrade the quality of femdom erotica. Our female stars are hot! Our male stars are young, trim and attractive! Our stories lines never interfere with the erotic elements that you are looking for. We challenge you to watch the movie “The Dominant Stepmother” and then try to tell us it’s not the best erotic female domination movie you have ever seen..

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I know you're going to love it.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Available for Download ~ The Lingerie Salesman's Worst Nightmare

The Lingerie Salesman Worst Nightmare - Brixton Jones is the most successful Lingerie Salesman in North America and the Boss from hell. He demands perfection from his female employees. He won’t hesitate to put them over his knee (or his desk) and teach them a lesson…the old fashioned way. Unfortunately, at a fashion show held by the company’s largest buyer, Sky Taylor, the models don’t show up. Brixton and his secretary, Ally Ann, have to deal with the wrath of Sky. Brixton finds himself on the receiving end of the same punishment he gave his secretary: over the knee of the sexy, unrelenting, Sky Taylor. Sky beats, spanks, and pummels Brixton forcing him and Ally to model bondage gear and lingerie in front of the large audience. Brixton is humiliated as he models the panties, bras, baby dolls and evening gown of his own lingerie line. Sky begins to fancy the submissive Ally Ann and beds her right in front of the horrified and sissified Brixton. As a reward for her sexual prowess Sky begins to train Ally how to deal with pansies like Brixton. Soon Brixton is over the knee of his secretary as she spanks him like she owns him. He is then violated by both women while the crowd cheers them on. Our best forced cross-dressing, over the knee spanking, quality fetish erotica movie yet.


Well, what can i say about your latest forced femme video but WOW! Loved it guys!

I love Ally Ann in the video....she is soooo cute, especially when she models those white silky panties and bra! She's exactly the kinda gal i would want to force me into girls' undies. Let me not forget Sky Taylor who was lovely, too and played her part well. The guy (Brixton) looked good dressed as a woman.

My fave scenes are when the girls dress the guy in different undies and make him parade for the lingerie show (thanks for providing more forced femme scenes in this movie)I also love the upskirt scenes and it was good to see some uppie scenes with the guy, too. Like i mentioned above, love seeing cute girls walking around in cute, girly underwear. Also loved it when Ally Ann was laying down touching herself whist wearing some cute, pink panties. The masturbation scene at the end was a good climax to the movie (excuse the pun) :-)

This movie covered a lot of different tastes which i love which included forced-feminization , spanking, upskirts, girl-on-girl, masturbation etc and i think it's the best movie that you've made! The only thing i wasn't personally keen on, was the bondage stuff. However, i appreciate you have to cater for various tastes.

For anyone that hasn't bought an Exotic Tale movie to date, you are missing out on the best forced feminization website on the net....period! 'The Lingerie Salesman's Worst Nightmare' is the best forced femme video you will find. I've bought all the movies and will continue to be a loyal customer.

Guys, please try to bring your movies out more frequently as you are the best and i'm sure i echo everyone's view that we all appreciate the effort you make and the quality of your movies..

Thanks guys!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Boy Bride

We have a new movie ready for download. Hailey Makes The Boy Bride. The sequal to Hailey Takes Control. Its a story of a wedding between a sweet girl and a young man. Unfortunately, one of the brides maids is a stripper at his bachelor party and he admits his deepest darkest sexual fantasies to her. She then kidnaps him and dresses him in his fiance's lingerie and leaves him handcuffed on her bed. When the finace realizes that her man is a closet sissy her and the bridesmaid finish the job and dress him up in the wedding dress. After his nuptials his is forced to be the sissy maid of the girls for the rest of his life.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A new Movie Is Ready For DownLoad

The Dominant Stepmother
Julia and Jonathan are spoiled rich kids from Beverly Hills. They have lived a pampered life where everything they have ever wanted has been handed to them on a silver platter. At least until their single Dad re-marries. His new wife, Nyomi, takes it upon herself to discipline her unruly stepchildren. Julia and Jonathan are bound, and gagged and forced to submit their dominant stepmother. When they are released they think they can outsmart their father’s new wife by enlisting the help of the chauffeur, but soon realize they are up against someone who knows more about domination and discipline they ever dreamed of. Nyomi uses the sibling rivalry between the brother and sister to turn them against each other. When she spanks Julia for a childish outburst, Nyomi allows Jonathan to watch and film the whole thing. Then Nyomi lets Julia take revenge on her brother. Nyomi and Julia strip Jonathan of his clothes and his masculinity. They dress Jonathan as a pretty little girl and his soft feminine features rival the good looks of his sister. This results in the two stepdaughters competing with each other for the love and affection of the dominant Nyomi.

See the whole one hour and forty minute movie at

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